Break your Causeway Coastal drive with a stop in the coastal village of Glenarm. Weekly guided walks with storeyteller Janice Witherspoon.

Interested in Saint Patrick and his links with Glenarm? Curious about the 16th Century Glenarm Castle? Intrigued by Glenarm’s rich heritage and limestone industry? Glenarm Visitor Centre can suggest a walk or tour.

Groups welcome – we have extensive coach parking at the Glenarm Visitor Centre.

Special Experience:
Charming Glenarm

Art House Tea Emporium; Water’s Edge Cafe; Walled Garden & Tea Room.

A tour of this unspoilt village, reveals carriageways and cobblestones and some fine Georgian architecture. The Barbican Gate, The Court House and The 16th century Castle, ancestral home of the McDonnells, Earls of Antrim.


Glenarm Architectural Walk

Our Architectural Walk  transports you back in time with carriageways, cobbles and chimneys.   In half an hour you will know

  • where the original castle stood
  • the influence of the Castle on the layout of the village

Setting off from the Visitor centre on your tour you will see how we have successfully regenerated with new contemporary buildings while protecting well preserved architecture in the heart of the old village.

Fun facts – As you go spot a quirky or quaint feature of Glenarm Architecture— it could be ornamental and decorative or functional and useful.

Cost £5 pp-   this walk is along streets and pathways with a fairly steep incline


St Patrick’s Trail - Glenarm

Book yourself on the Glenarm St Patrick’s Church Trail and learn of Ireland’s best known Saint and his links with Glenarm as detailed in the aerial photograph below.

£5pp – guided walk/talk duration – 1 hour

St Patrick is credited with returning to Slemish, bringing Christianity and building the first church at Glenarm in the 5th century AD in the townland of Glore 1½ miles west of the village. It was left under the care of MaCrevan and from this came the name of the parish, TICKMACREVAN, “The house of MaCrevan” from the Gaelic Teach Mac Crevan.

In front of the Castle are the ruins of St Marys and in 1765  St Patrick’s with it’s spire was  built on the ruins of the old Franciscan Friary which dates from 1465.

Across the river is the black stone Catholic Church built 1875.

The Non Subscribing Presbyterian Meeting House, was built 1762 and recently restored and another Presbyterian Church built in Altmore Street 1835.

The more recent Baptist congregation meets in the old courthouse on the corner of Castle Street and Toberwine Street.

But it is the historic St Patrick’s, a landmark building by the river with it’s great spire, Ogee window, fine glass artistry , connections with the Earls of Antrim and the contribution of the Rev Dudley Janns which recommends this guided walk/talk .


Irish Feast

With Irish Feast you personally ​meet the passionate artisans who make, bake, and cook the delicious local Irish food included in your tour.  All the while, you’ll be treated as a special guest, enjoying the local delicacies and making happy memories. What’s not to love?


All activities include free access to Glenarm Visitor Centre

(groups of 10 should be booked in advance.)


Moving into the Antrim Glens we would recommend family run tour providers, with whom we partner, Milliken Tours Ireland and Giant Tours Ireland.