Find us at the Harbour Masters Building overlooking Glenarm Marina

Glenarm Visitor Information Centre, is a community initiative operated by Glenarm Buildings Preservation Trust since 2015 with objectives;

(i) to promote tourism in Glenarm Village and it’s hinterlands
(ii) to create employment in the provision of Visitor Information
(iii) to offer a placement for a student of Tourism at 2nd or 3rd level education
(iv) to provide opportunities for Volunteering.
(v) to service Visitors travelling along the Causeway Coastal Route and Yachts people arriving in Glenarm marina.

The Visitor Information Centre moved to offices in the Harbour Masters Building overlooking Glenarm Marina in March 2022. They identify new expectations by visitors following the Covid Pandemic experiences of the past 2 years.

Generally there are more ‘outdoors’ visitors, ranging from increased yachts and boating people in the enlarged Marina, to Motor Home travellers who ‘weekend’ at the Coast and Sunday strollers (on other days too ) who enjoy a leisurely walk, on the level, taking in the Sea air, Nature, the Environment and all things quaint in a ‘relaxed’ heritage village.

At Glenarm Visitor centre we are well resourced to interest, inform and guide all of the visitors who stop off.

“This project has been part-funded through the Northern Ireland Tourist Board’s Tourism Development Scheme”.

Walk on The Wild Side at Glenarm.

Being Climate Aware in Glenarm we invite you to Walk on the Wild Side and experience an inner balance at this more relaxed and natural space.

Going away from the Visitor Centre in the Larne direction you will enjoy a beautiful coastal walk, entirely on level wide footpaths with spectacular cliffs on your right which are alive with birds.

The cliffs provide nesting places for Fulmars and a few Raptors, a tumbling waterfall and tucked in below a Rewilding Area where wildflowers and butterflies abound in their season.

Rewilding aims to restore animals and plants to places where they thrived before human disturbance. It rebuilds ecosystems, fosters biodiversity and helps to reduce the effects of climate change by boosting carbon removal from the atmosphere and nurturing and regenerating the soil.

Rewilding makes our shared outdoor spaces livelier, healthier – and more beautiful. So linger a while, identify flora and fauna from your card and listen for the bees and the birds.

Perhaps as you go away you will consider rewilding a little patch of your own – just ‘allow nature take its course’ – longer grasses will increase humidity as climate warms – this in turn will encourage bees and other pollinators so essential for our food production.

Return with a greater sense of connection and calm and an appreciation and gratitude for our natural environment.